The Faculty of Architecture, founded in 1930, is a modern multidisciplinary center of architectural education, known in Ukraine and beyond. Over the years of its existence, it has become a world-famous architectural school. The faculty trains specialists in the field of architecture and urban planning, design, and art.

The faculty today is a synthesis of traditions and innovative ideas, it is an architectural school that guarantees high-quality education at the level of world standards.

Preparation is carried out according to educational degrees – Bachelor’s, Master’s; educational and scientific – Doctor of Philosophy, scientific – Doctor of Science.

The mission of the faculty is to train architects and designers capable of creating modern architectural solutions that increase the comfort of human living while ensuring maximum profitability and ease of implementation.

Priorities of architectural education


● social value;
● personal aspiration, career;
● the prestige of the profession;
● unique nature of the profession;
● availability of information and institutional base;
● compliance with international standards.


● formation of individual calling(cognitive training);
● formation of one's own learning path; (personal training)
● labor market;
● material and technical support


● informatization;
● promotion;
● removing barriers;
● mobility;
● cognitive training.

About 1,800 students study at the Faculty of Architecture, including 200 foreign citizens.

Professional subjects are taught by famous architects, doctors of architecture, professors, and laureates of state awards in the field of architecture and urban planning.

Graduates of the Faculty of Architecture head modern architectural and design bureaus and work in state authorities.

The educational and creative activities of the faculty are carried out in close cooperation with the Ukrainian Academy of Architecture, the National Union of Architects of Ukraine, and a number of leading scientific, design, and construction institutions.

Architectural Fridays are held every week in the hall of the faculty. Students meet with famous architects who give practical advice to future professionals. Exhibitions of artistic works, and showings of students’, teachers’, and graduates’ projects are held here.

Dean of the faculty: Ph.D. Professor Oleksandr Volodymyrovych Kashchenko

The faculty includes 11 departments:

  • Urban planning;
  • Fundamentals of architecture and architectural design;
  • Architectural design of civil buildings and structures;
  • Theories of architecture;
  • Architectural environment design;
  • Drawing and painting;
  • Architectural structures;
  • Sketch geometry and engineering graphics;
  • Philosophy;
  • Information technologies in architecture;
  • Landscape architecture.