The Faculty of Construction Technology began to function in 1956. It was created as an independent division based on the training of engineers in the specialty “Construction products and details”, which was introduced in 1944 at the construction faculty of the Kyiv Engineering and Construction Institute. The main activity of the new faculty was the training of specialists in the specialty “Manufacturing of concrete and reinforced concrete products and structures”. Initially, CTF graduates were students who entered the “Construction Products and Details” specialty of the “Industrial and Civil Construction” faculty. The first batch of technological engineers took place in 1959. Many of them in the future became production managers, leading designers, and scientists.

The faculty consists of four departments:

  • Technologies of construction structures and products;
  • Building materials;
  • Merchandising and commercial activity in construction;

The mission of the faculty is to train highly qualified specialists with innovative knowledge in the field of production of construction materials, construction and sale of buildings, construction commodity science, who are able to creatively use their knowledge and improve their professional experience.

18 professors and 33 associate professors work in the departments of the faculty, who provide such training for students.

Graduates are involved in the educational process – well-known specialists of advanced enterprises, firms, and corporations.

The faculty trains specialists in the following specialties and specializations:

Construction and civil engineering (specialization – Technology of construction structures, products and materials): technology and operational properties of the use of construction materials, products and structures; design of technological production lines of BMVK.

Dean of the Faculty
Ph.D. professor,
Hotz Volodymyr Ivanovych

Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activity, specializations:

Merchandising and commercial activity: formation of the assortment and quality control of BMVK based on the study of the market and its conjuncture.

  • Merchandising and commercial logistics;
  • Merchandising and organization of foreign trade;
  • Customs;
  • Wholesale and retail trade.

Chemical technologies and engineering, specializations:

Computer modeling in the technology of composite materials;

  • Nanotechnology of finishing and protective materials;
  • The latest technologies and design of modern finishing materials.