The mission of the faculty is to raise the quality of specialist training to the European level.

The youngest faculty at the University continues the long-standing tradition of training specialists in the field of urban planning and urban development management, which has been carried out at the University since 1948. The priority areas of work are the provision of an interdisciplinary approach to the planning of modern settlements and urban communities, management of spatial development of settlements, improvement of urban management systems, legal regulation of construction and urban planning activities.

As part of international cooperation and academic mobility of students and teachers, the faculty cooperates with European universities, conducts international scientific and educational events with the participation of foreign and domestic specialists, students and teachers from all over Ukraine.

Students acquire educational qualification levels of Bachelor and Master in the following specialties:

Construction and civil engineering (specializations “Urban construction and economy”, “Roads and airfields”):

specialists in matters of planning, construction and reconstruction of urban territories, street network and transport facilities, city landscape, assessment of the ecological state of the urban environment;

Law (specialization “Construction and urban planning law”):

specialists in the analysis of the impact of normative legal acts in the construction complex and the field of urban planning, legal support of contractual and legal relations;

Political science (specialization “Political Management”):

specialists in performing professional types of work in state bodies and international organizations, parties and public organizations, local governments, development, adoption and implementation of decisions on the management of organizations, institutions and enterprises, implementation of projects in the field of public relations.

Scientists of the faculty, using the example of energy efficiency and energy saving policy, are working on the project “Models of National Consolidation of Ukraine”.

The faculty operates a laboratory for researching regional development and socio-political problems of the construction complex, and publishes a specialized scientific and technical collection “Urban Planning and Territorial Planning”, where scientists from all over Ukraine publish their scientific works.

The Faculty of Urbanism and Spatial Planning was founded in 2017. He is a follower of the famous Faculty of Urban Planning and continues the long-standing tradition of training high-quality urban planners, which has been carried out at the university since 1948.

The faculty is rapidly developing and aims to raise the quality of training of specialists to the European level. The high level of competitiveness of graduates on the domestic and global labor market is facilitated by the introduction into the educational process of the world’s leading methods of spatial planning, the use of the most modern computer technologies, and the application of an interdisciplinary approach to solving the problems of sustainable development of populated areas.

The faculty consists of 3 departments:

department of urban construction;

department of urban economy;

Department of Political Sciences and Law.

Dean of the faculty: Ph.D. docent

Mamedov Alirza Mahmud ogli