The mission of the faculty – is to train modern specialists, scientific and pedagogical personnel in the field of geodesy and land management. On the basis direction of the faculty there are the following  specializations: city-planning cadastre, geodesy in construction, GIS in territory management, GIS management of construction projects, land management.

The Faculty of Geoinformation Systems and Territorial Management is a leader in Ukraine in training specialists in the fields of geosystems and technologies, Earth sciences, monitoring and territory management. The faculty recently celebrated its 75th anniversary.

The preparation of the specialists is carried out at the following specialties:

193 Geodesy and land regulation

    – Geodesy

    – Geoinformation systems and technologies

    – Land regulation and cadaster

    – Land and real estate estimation

017 Physical culture and sports

  • Physical education and sports
  • Physical education and sport psychology

The students of our faculty study modern technologies  for the collection of  spatial data, geospatial database,  digital  mapping and geo-visioning  methods, spatial analysis and geostatistics.

Our faculty cooperates  with the universities  in Germany, Norway, Spain, Latvia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Armenia. We have unified  academic  programs with our partners.  The students of the faculty have opportunities  to be under training in the universities of Lithuania and Poland to obtain a double diploma of the European standard.

The graduates of the department have wide opportunities  for employment  in design and construction organizations (Kyivmiskbud, Kyivmetrobud, Kyivprogect); in land surveying and geodesic enterprises (Ukrainian State Aerial and Geodesic Enterprises, State Land Cadastre Center); city and regional departments of land resources; state institutions (the Ministry of Regional Development, Building  and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine,  the State Service of Ukraine  for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre)   

Dean of the faculty:

Ph.D. Docent

Olena Nesterenko

The faculty includes

6 chairs:

Engineering Geodesy

– Geoinformatics and Photometry

– Land Management and Cadastre

– Higher Mathematics

– Language competence and communication

– Physical Education and Sports

7 laboratories

2 geodesic laboratories

13 Doctors of Sciences and Professors

38 tutors with scientific degree

Scientific Council on dissertations defense

During the years of its existence, the faculty has trained over 700 engineers, including about 200 specialists for 15 countries of the world.